Gas and Electric Services

In Alberta, power, water and gas are not under one umbrella as in other places. You have to set the services up individually and can rate shop.

Here are some options to get you started:

You can have one service for both, or separate ones. 

Sometimes there are bundle discounts and a hook up fee may apply. Be sure to inquire with whatever company you choose about costs. 

This site will help you look up other options, and compare rates:


Epcor does Edmonton water. Townships and small towns are often served by the County they are in.

Epcor water sign-up.

Any of the adjacent towns will be governed by that town or county:

Insurance Tips

There can be several things to consider here, ultimately we do recommend you speak to an insurance professional. I personally use and highly recommend: 

Sarah Swart from Billyard Insurance Group: (cell) 587-336-3278,  

Asha Ben from InsureLine: (cell) 780-807-2096

Brenda Bell from Billyard Insurance Group: (cell) 780-532-2875,


However you are more than welcome to use whomever you wish. Check with your current insurance provider to see if they service Alberta. 
Vehicle Inspections:
A requirement here, click here to learn more. 
AMA has compiled some great info that is worth reading as well, click here. 

City of Edmonton Info to Know

Newcomer’s Guide

Click here to see some info the City has compiled for anyone new to our region.
Recycle Depots (get rid of your boxes)
TIP – Eco stations take things recycle ones don’t!


In terms of schools, all schools have equal funding here, so all are good in a sense. However, different schools offer different things. We also do have a publicly funded Catholic School System.


Edmonton Public Schools

You can use the ‘Find a School Tool‘ on the right and type in any Edmonton address. It will give you the designated schools with their specialties. Or, use the drop down menu on the right of the webpage to search for a specific school. 

Edmonton Catholic Schools

Leduc County – Leduc, Beaumont, Calmar


Strathcona County – Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan

Elk Island Public School System
Elk Island Catholic School System

Sturgeon County – St Albert, Morinville

Public School
Catholic Schools

Parkland County – Spruce Grove, Stony Plain