Are you considering moving to Edmonton? If so, you‘re making a great choice. I know this because I moved here from Ontario, and what caught my attention after arriving were the wonderful people I met. Edmontonians are kind, honest, and friendly, and while being surrounded by great people is definitely one of the coolest things about living here, there are so many other reasons that I’m proud to call Edmonton my home!

5 Reasons to Move to Edmonton

Affordable Real Estate

If you want to get into the real estate market, Edmonton is a great place to buy a house. There are so many beautiful homes in amazing neighbourhoods that you’re going to be spoiled for choice! According to CREA, the average house price in Edmonton is $450k. Considering the average house price in Ontario is $850k and in British Columbia is $950k, Edmonton is still very affordable, providing options for a better quality of life. 

Explore Nature

Indulge in outdoor adventures by exploring Edmonton’s many beautiful parks and trails. Scope out the wildlife at the stunning nearby Elk Island National Park, or take breathtaking photos of the downtown Edmonton skyline as you elevate your heart rate while hiking the Grandin to Groat Loop. Edmonton is also home to many lakes and campgrounds, offering the perfect weekend getaway.

Over 325 Days of Sun

You won’t have to worry about the effects of seasonal affective disorder in Edmonton. Our city is actually one of Canada’s sunniest, with an average of 325 sunny days each year. This means that no matter the season, you will want to get outside and soak up the sun. 

Entertainment and Culture

From live music to museums and ballet, Edmonton is teaming with opportunities to explore the arts. The Citadel Theatre is one of Canada’s largest theatres, showcasing Canadian and international productions. Meanwhile, The Mayfield Theatre aims to please all of your senses with a gourmet dining experience and a live theatrical performance.  

Opportunities for Higher Education

If you’re considering higher education for your kids, you won’t have to go far. Edmonton is home to several post-secondary institutions, including the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), King’s University, and many more. With so many choices right on your doorstep, you can avoid your kids having to relocate, saving you money on accommodation and other expenses. 

Work with a Real Estate Professional Who Understands Relocations

The great thing about working with a real estate agent who has moved to Alberta is that I know the answers to the questions you have. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know your concerns. While my main job is to find a home you love, I’m also here to help you settle into the community.

If you need information on setting up utilities, purchasing home insurance, or local tradespeople, check out my relocation resource. If you want to know about dog parks, doctors, schools, or the best place to buy your kid’s birthday cake, ask me! I love helping my clients with the little things that make a new city feel like home.

What Is the Process For Buying a Home in Edmonton?

1. Let’s Talk

If you live in another city, the first thing we’ll do is talk. We’ll connect via Zoom to chat about your wishlist for your home. I can also help you scope out neighbourhoods that will work best depending on your personal, professional, and family needs. 

2. Arranging Your Visit

When it comes to booking your visit, I recommend spending at least five to seven days here, so I can set up several showings so you can get acquainted with your new home.

3. Let’s Go House Hunting

I understand that your time is precious, and you may only be able to get away for a few days. For this reason, I won’t waste time showing you homes that won’t work for you. I have a knack for understanding my client’s needs, figuring out their lifestyle, and finding homes that check all the boxes on their list. 

3. Home Inspection & Paperwork

Once you’ve found a home you love, I can arrange a home inspection within a few days. After the final decision is made, we’ll sign the papers, and you can look forward to moving to your new home. 

Connect with an Edmonton Real Estate Agent

As a real estate professional and REALTOR® for over 17 years, I have helped so many incredible and fascinating people buy and sell real estate in Edmonton. One thing you’ll notice about me when we meet is my passion for real estate; that’s what makes me one of the top real estate professionals in the city. I pay attention to the details to ensure your real estate journey is fun and stress-free. If you’d like to start the home-buying process, let’s connect today!