I’ve been a REALTOR® since 2006, and I’ve worked with so many great people during this time. Every client is unique, and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with every one of them, some of my favourite clients are seniors.

I think seniors are really cool, and I’ve become friends with so many of them over the years. They’ve been kind enough to share their worldly insights, and I’ve gained valuable pearls of wisdom that I now incorporate into my own life. In this article, I share just a few of the reasons that working with seniors makes my day!

They Know What They Want

Seniors are decisive. They know what they want in life, and they’re not afraid to express it. When it comes to home buying, seniors often have specific needs; they may want a one-storey home or to have a master on the main floor to work around mobility issues. Many seniors with large families love to host on special holidays, so extra bedrooms for the kids and grandkids are a must. While some seniors are energized by the prospect of gardening, others prefer a smaller yard that’s easier to maintain. No matter what it is, I love learning about their wishlist for their new home and making their wishes a reality.

They Take Pride in Their Homes

There’s nothing better than walking into a home that’s been lovingly cared for and maintained over the years. I often meet seniors who have lived in their homes for almost 40 years and take great pride in showing me around their homes. I love hearing the stories about their families, seeing how they live, and learning about the updates they’ve made over the years.

Appreciating the Connection You Have with Your Home

I understand that for many seniors, the thought of downsizing their homes can be a difficult decision. After all, they’ve spent years raising their families in those single-family homes, and the emotional attachment to them is huge. I appreciate this deep connection and love to find a family that will enjoy and appreciate their homes just as much as they did.

Seniors Need a Little Extra Help

There’s no doubt that buying and selling a home is stressful for seniors, but having the right real estate professional on your side can make a world of difference. My goal is to make my client’s experience a pleasant one, and I’ll start by getting to know them better. I want to know what they want and understand their fears and challenges; that way, I can work towards reducing any anxiety and providing what they need to feel completely at ease.

Doing What’s Best for My Clients

As a top real estate agent in Edmonton, I love my job and take great pride in doing what’s best for my clients. I know that many seniors are concerned about being taken advantage of, which is why I’m always 100% transparent with you. I will advocate for you and support you during every step of the selling and buying process. Every decision I make will be in your best interests, and I’ll put your needs above everything else. I don’t believe in taking lowball offers to make a quick sale; I’m always honest about what your home is worth, and I’ll work hard to get you the price you deserve.

Connect with an Edmonton Real Estate Agent

There are so many great homes for sale in Edmonton, so you’re sure to find a property you’ll love. Maybe you want to downsize to a smaller detached home, or maybe condo living is your thing. Whatever it is, I’ll take the time to understand your needs and find the right property for you. 

If you’re a senior, or if you have parents who are looking to sell their property or find a new home, let’s talk. I’d love to get to know more about you and your family and discuss how I can make the moving experience fun and stress-free for everyone. Let’s connect and get acquainted over coffee!


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