A new home means new possibilities. Sure, you’ll need to consider the basics, like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and whether elements like a mud room or open-concept kitchen are must-haves, but what about the less tangible items that make a house a home?


I always ask my clients, “What do you love to do?” Are you creative? Do you have a green thumb? Is fitness a priority for you? As a real estate professional and a REALTOR® for 17 years, I’ve found that these questions truly matter most. I love to help my clients find a space they love, where they can incorporate their interests into their homes. 

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

If you’ve always dreamed of growing a vegetable garden, let’s find you a home with a large backyard. That way, you can plant an assortment of vegetables and enjoy an abundance of produce all summer long. I had one client who would forage for berries and had a passion for making jam. When she connected with me, she told me about her hobby, so we found her a home with a large yard so she could cultivate berry bushes and make rosehip jam! 


Do You Love to Entertain Outdoors?

If you enjoy socializing and hosting events in your backyard, there are a plethora of garden features available for your spacious outdoor space. Why not consider a large patio complete with an outdoor kitchen? Or perhaps a hot tub or swim spa to impress and delight your neighbours?


Build an Artists Studio

Are you creative by nature? Do you love to paint, or is your mind filled with ideas for books you’d love to write? Sometimes, all we need is a quiet spot to get the creativity flowing, so why not consider building a small artists studio in the backyard? 


Build a Home Gym

When the snow has fallen, and we’re into minus temperatures outside, there’s nothing worse than having to shovel the driveway and head to the gym. A home gym is a convenient way to keep active throughout the year. If you have a good-sized dining area in the kitchen, why not convert the dining room into a gym? 


Build a Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

Are you a wine connoisseur? Showcase your expertise by building a wine cellar under the stairs. Not only will you be fully stocked up when you have guests, but your wine cellar will be a stylish addition to your new home.


Are You a Budding Entrepreneur?

It’s great to have an extra room to use as a home office, so if entrepreneurship is your thing, let’s look for a single-family home to accommodate this. If an extra room is out of reach with your budget, consider alternative solutions; instead of storing your car or old junk in the garage, use it as an office to explore your business ideas. After all, Amazon started life in a garage, so there’s no telling where your ideas may go! 


Consider Your Future Needs

Are you planning to buy your forever home? Is this the home where you plan to raise your children and live out your retirement years? When considering your forever home, it’s essential to consider future mobility. If stairs become unmanageable, it’s ideal to have a space on the main floor that can be used as a bedroom. It could also function as a home office, a family room, or a home gym in the interim and then easily be converted to a bedroom later. 


Connecting With Me: Your Real Estate Agent in Edmonton

There is so much great real estate in Edmonton, and I love working with clients to find their dream home. I see beyond the four walls of a house and can help you buy a home that accommodates the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. If you are looking for homes for sale in Edmonton, let’s get together and talk about what you want, so I can make your dreams a reality.